Fortex Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services ideally suited to a wide range of requirements and needs.
For client organizations – We work with you to understand your requirements, assess your needs, and recommend solutions to achieve the right results to ensure success.  We have access to an international network of high caliber candidates across a wide range of industries, including:

  • FMCG
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
  • Oil & Gas/Mining/Utilities
  • Finance
  • Process & Chemical Industries
  • Renewable Energies
  • IT
  • And more!

Using our expertise and exclusive search methods, you’ll be provided with a selection of suitable candidates faster than you might have thought possible.

For job candidates – We work with you to understand your career goals, taking a full inventory of your skills and attributes as well as your long term needs and requirements.  With this information we can then understand what you’re looking to accomplish and match you with the best opportunities that are most likely to provide you with the right career move.

Comprehensive Services For Comprehensive Success

At Fortex Consulting we are committed to providing world class solutions to meet the needs of job candidates and client organizations alike.  We prefer to work within the non-active market of job candidates, focusing most often on headhunted candidates that meet specific criteria important to the client organization.  This means both parties are brought together for all the right reasons; that is, they are poised to make a real and positive difference to each other.

To accomplish these goals we have created a comprehensive suite of services specially designed to create comprehensive success.

Our suite of services includes:

Executive Search – From mid-level to senior-level positions, we match the right candidates with the right opportunities using a focused search approach that is geared to the needs of the company as well as the suitability of the job candidate.  Once a benchmark of requirements is established our consultants put together a targeted shortlist of talented candidates.

Contingency Recruitment – We are interested in establishing productive, long term relationships with our clients.  That’s why we put so much energy and effort into understanding who you are, how you work, and where you’re going in the future.  This in turn allows you to get to know how we operate, ensuring all parties are well positioned for targeted success and outstanding partnership solutions.

Search And Selection – Our search and selection process uses a combination of traditional targeted advertising and proprietary approaches to finding and matching the right opportunities with the right people and organizations.  This flexible yet thorough system allows Fortex Consulting to cover virtually all levels and disciplines within client organizations, ensuring maximum market coverage for job candidates and client organizations alike.

It’s no wonder, then, that world class client organizations and job candidates all rely on Fortex Consulting for outstanding solutions regardless of function, industry, location, or level.

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