Recruiting is a strategic sales and marketing activity, yet in 90% of organizations it still reports into the administrative HR cost center.  HR staff recruiters are managed and incented to deliver numbers of candidates, not the most talented and qualified candidates.  Perhaps that’s why so many organizations continue to struggle over the long term to build and maintain the most well-equipped employee base possible.

At Fortex Consulting, we help you take an entirely different and more profitable approach to recruitment.  Our expert consultants work with you to take a more strategic approach to finding and selecting the right candidates, just as your sales and marketing department takes a strategic approach to marketing your products and services.  Using this approach you put your organization at a significant advantage compared to your competition; you will, in fact, simply sweep up the very best candidates before anyone else even realizes they’re out there.

In this time of economic challenge it’s even more important than ever to invest in the quality of your people.  Why?  Because only the most talented individuals have the skills and abilities necessary to jump-start your organization’s performance and keep it at the top of the competition for years to come.  And with fewer job openings being filled and staffing resources becoming even more scarce, it’s absolutely critical to find and make great hires.  It’s simply not good enough to be “good enough” anymore.

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