Welcome to Fortex Consulting

Fortex Consulting is an industry leader in providing world class, talent-based career services for job candidates and client organizations alike.  We are committed to offering the very best opportunities both National and International, which means our services are truly well suited for your every need.

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Fortex Consulting is an established company formed in London, UK with a demonstrated track record in providing job candidates and client organizations the best access to the right opportunities in a wide variety of fields, professions, and disciplines.  From Engineering to Finance to IT and more, we understand the key role that talent plays in achieving market dominance.

Our goal is simple.  We are dedicated to connecting job candidates and client organizations with the right opportunities, the right positions, and the right skills to ensure long term success.  In these turbulent times, doesn’t it make sense to put Fortex Consulting to work for you?